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Dubost Automation

Head office: ZI des Ravaux    63920 PESCHADOIRES

Registered trademark : INPI 03 3 193 203


Phone: +33 4 73510396     Fax:+33 4 73513374

  email: contact@dubost-automation.fr


Dubost Automation is an industrial data processing company based in the centre of France. Created in 1980, it possesses a strong experience of the data processing in an industrial environement. With the range VipXo, the last one comes from a generation that began in 1990, Dubost Automation proposes a wide range of  products: follow-up work order of real-time manufacture, followed by activity in workshops and construction site, measure of the productivity indicators,...

The steel industry, mechanics, screw cutting, welding making, plastic injection, joiner workshops are the main sectors of intervention.

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